Shiny The Sea Star Surfs The Sea and Finds: | Characters
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Meet Shiny and Friends


Strong! Patient! Kind! Shiny’s Mom loves her family more than anything. She wants Shiny to make friends all over the world.

The Sea Star

Adventurous! Friendly! Curious! Shiny surfs the seas to rivers around the world looking for toy boats to play with and new friends to visit.


His Mom and Dad wanted him to have lots of adventures. He wants Shiny and Bella to have adventures, too!

Bernice and Bernard
Handy’s Seagull
Travel Team

Happy flying across water and land, checking out new places to visit.

Shiny’s Little Sister

Happy! Brave! Always Moving! Bella loves Shiny A LOT! She wants to do whatever Shiny is doing.

Handy The Octopus

Helpful! Knows everything! Has friends all over the world! Handy always wears a red bow tie. His Adventure Travel Store has EVERYTHING!

Ms. Muriel
The Dolphin Librarian

Loves Children! Loves Books!

The Red Carp

Really smart! Has a very strong tail! Loves to show visitors around China, his home country.

The Whale

Is Very, Very, Very Big! Is always ready to help someone in trouble.

The Mississippi
Turtle Guide

Always talking about the Mighty Mississippi River.

The Chinese Octopus

Has a store with lots of stuff! Likes to tell stories.

The Carnival

Wants everyone to win his Ring Toss Game.

The Bengal Tiger

Very serious! Royal wants everyone to understand and love India as much as he does.

The Asian Elephant

Very Big! Very Kind! Tusk loves to tell everyone about everything in India!

Who will be Shiny’s next friends?